11-17 years old (parents are not required to sit in on class)
90 minutes per class
Students per class
Maximum 12 students in a class
Tuition Fees
Please refer to your nearby Pinoki Brain Training Centre for more information.
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The Level-4 Course further closes the gap between image-based learning and school syllabus where students are guided to apply their image-based learning skills in school syllabus beyond their level. Students in this level are trained using a variety of high-speed memory exercises and IQ puzzles. Presentation, debate, critical thinking, 'out of the box' thinking, mental imagery, instantaneous memory, high-speed large information processing and multi tasking are some of the 'workouts' that are momentous for achieving higher concentration, creativity, memory and self-confidence.

A few words from Dr. Tan Kok Liang:

Riddle is always a good whole-brained workout for the brain. Give your children a riddle a day, you will be surprised at how ‘fluid’ your child’s intelligence becomes after half a year. Start with the basic riddles and slowly increase the difficulty so that children gain confidence along the way. Diversify the riddle so that it doesn't focus on only a certain field/area/subject.
About 90% of students who attended Level-4 Course for one year will be able to retain 20 memory units in sequence, be it word, image, name, colour, number or faces given 30-50 seconds and their memory tend to last for as long as 4 weeks or longer without revision. Advanced Level-4 students can memorise 40 images/words in sequence on the spot given a duration of 90 seconds without much mental exertion.

The Tip Of The Iceberg of Level-4 Course:
  • Presentation: to be able to present using images.
  • Debate: to be able to organise thoughts and express oneself.
  • Mental Note: to be able to use right-brained fast linking to make note based on school syllabus.
  • High-Speed Image Memory: to be able to find keywords, build sentences and summarise speedily.
  • High-Speed Text Memory: to be able to read and receive information speedily.
  • Intuitive Mathematical Thinking: to be able to visualise mathematical patterns through the use of the mind’s eyes.
  • IQ Tests: to be able to see a problem from different angles and find the best solution
  • Language: to be able to see word as image and image as word and link them spontaneously and speedily.
  • Creativity Training: to be able to think ‘out of the box’ and create using raw materials.
  • Concentration Training: to gain better control over all the senses.
  • Mental Imagery: to be able to see with the mind’s eyes and consequently solve problem or conceive a new idea from different perspectives.
  • Auditory Memory: to enhance auditory sensitivity towards better listening skill, linguistic memory, speech memory, pronunciation and imagination.